the char sits before you. you see reflections in its matte surface, though in no way could it be physical.

Thank you for visiting the "first" ORIFICE ❤︎

This is the second incarnation of the website. It is still in its early stages, and will be changed and added to further as time goes on. Thank you for your patience.

To explore the site further, please utilize the South Feed to browse other content. Enjoy your stay ~

about the site ::1

This is the web-home of a "prk lic gyeides," the collective anf-a.

200ORIFICE is a central hub for creative projects of the collective, as well as hosting personal pages for members. We focus primarily on digital art, fictional writing, prose, and worldbuilding.

Content warnings will be available on any given sub-project, but know that the site as a whole has widespread themes of spirituality and mysticism, body horror, and surrealism and eccentricism.