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If you want to get in contact about potential collaborations, requests, comissions, clarifications, or conversations, you can do so through our primary site email.


Emails sent here will be examined by the webmaids currently maintaining the site. To speak with a particular member, please request their particular email.

Most all members particularly enjoy communicating by email, so please feel free to write us.

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We have site buttons as well!

Svphri-ets-Nos Series:

~ to be added

Prisetseot Series:

  • Primary Button: A cute graphic button for the 200ORIFICE site.
  • Frightful Button: A cute graphic button for the 200ORIFICE site, this time reading 'frightful!'
  • prk lic gyeides Icon: An icon displaying the sigil of the prk lic gyeides.


Here are a number of fanlistings that we are under!

A fanlisting button for Ifrit A fanlisting button for Bakura A fanlisting button for Yu-Gi-Oh! A fanlisting button for the moon
A fanlisting button for eevee A fanlisting button for lain A fanlisting button for night