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"things are getting too stiff around here. you feel that tension, too?"

Project Pift is a worldbuilding, writing, illustration, and graphic design project set in the setting of Pift. Most everything takes place during the 290~320MOs. This is a time period marked by worldwide tension as the Pift Empire and the Greywall Global International Union waged a slow conflict of technological development, dubbed the War of Progression.

During this time, funding within Pift became increasingly drained from social projects outside the major cities. Even within major cities, if something wasn't deemed worthy or useful to ending the War of Progression, or not deemed profitable, then funding was slashed to it. This lead many companies and government-sponsored facilities to house people within offices in order to 'ensure good workers.' Predictably, those who were not deemed useful, or those who pushed against state and corporate interests, were left to provide for themselves within the real cities.

Slowly, more and more autonomous or decentralizing movements began to sprout. Of course, not without thorns from corporate private police, the Elpt, and the Gushnnikst.

Perhaps all will be solved, with the introduction of a 'gift.'

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