relda fish ::ether(ac)

She felt the holdings of the thrissache overhead. Its hoven appearance, like a monument of bone-obsidian, blending in so well with the starless skies above. It breathed, but in no rhythm that she was accustomed to. Instead, it was as the breath was a singular motion, passing through it not just to oxygenate certain cells, if that was even necessary for such a beast, but more to calm the growing heat within it. But what sort of creation could be so as to require coolant in such an abandon? The lands here were not even touched by a conceptual star, and would not be for 90 deaths of a march. She thought the thrissache to be fantasy -- in part, she still knew this. The tales of frightful awe clung to her, and mocked her, laughing at how she had to laugh it off when she was so much younger. But here it sat now. 4 beats of internal valves, a pause, a single beat, a pause, 6 beats of internal valves, two beats, and then a wiping-like sound as something only vaguely comparable to an eyelash for one's heart valves & lungs came to remove any aerial debris & shadow's grain. This sat above her, on repeat, in varying speeds, as the stalemate continued.