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Looked to that called its pseudolabelled peers. The spotted hide knew that this would be its labelled kin; the substance to drink and emulate. These were the friends; colonies of slime mold | bark & root | soil | dirt-dwellees | viruses | surface-dwellers | sky-dwellers | vegetation | parasites | light | moisture | time | tempurature | surrounding locations | thrice thriced &c, & thriced thrice more, amalgamating and blurring of singularities. The ecosystem it was to be a part of. But how? As those that were within their subsequent parts of the shifting machine of nature, were already in their place, so it was to be assumed. Things moved and flowed as they did, and altered as expected when given the entirety of the context. So then, in which part is the spotted hide necessary? This is not what it thinks, though. It rather thinks, "Where am I most effective? Where am I unwasted?"

It tests each waters, touching its strange-limbs along the boundaries of the surface-dwellers. It stumbled as it walked, twisting disjointedly. It was burningly clear it was not of there. The vegetation, then — where the spotted hide ate the light and exhaled dark, and breathed in that dark, and perversely adopted it. The soil, then — where the spotted hide grew ringly & patched, & herdeliche predictable, ruining the grain & acidity. The tempurature, then — where it sat as a metric separate & unused. The sky-dwellers, then — where its pseduo-sky-dweller calls were only eerie to those who knew the truer words. This continued, and continued, and continued further. The spotted hide noted, then, that maybe the reason it wasn't any of those things, was that it was because it wasn't any of those things. It was mere emulation, something it had grown so accustomed to. If the spotted hide were to become it, to become the one of those many, it would have to emulate, mimic, become false, and then become as. But then, surely, that would be against the flow of all things. After all, the spotted hide felt the resistance — in order for it and the one of those many to singulize, the trauma would need to be inflicted.

Emulation, it is again. It keeps burying its head into all things, a feeding reverse-boil that shutters its fleshy bubble below the skin. Of course, it feeds from the outer, a clogged innard leeching onto the outtards. Regardless of its direction, it is still plainly visible from the cells of repair on any sides — something is erred with the body. Yet it still feels that greatest pull to it. "Maybe this time, and if not, I will know for the time after, in which it will be," it mutters to itself as a motif. Why is it still fell into? Why does being the false species enated an understood communication of striving towards the behazed 162121 v 55 ⁵⁵5⁵⁵5⁵5⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵⁵5⁵⁵55⁵⁵⁵5555⁵55⁵55⁵5⁵⁵⁵5⁵5⁵5⁵⁵5⁵5⁵5⁵ .¥。b v b 13 b b . But such is a treacharous word, with it holding more imperical powers than any other. To deny, collapse, & tease it may be one of the first nocturnalisms. The spotted hide receieved its thanks for its efforts, but to what? The ecosystem was to assume it was for their zeitgeistal aim, and the spotted hide theirs. But to think that they shared the same vision of pandæmoneios-gi was prepo_11MMMMMMM111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111:_sterous.s2a$ It may not know it full yet, it may still dress itself in the flesh of new-peers, but it will still be without function in other ecosystems as well. The spotted hide is a thing unfitting. Rather, maychance, it is mechanospacially unlocatable.

But let us collapse the assumed singularities before the spotted hide. No ecosystem would suit it, as all ecosystems are connected, and in part the same ecosystem. None of the one of many would suit it, as the "ones" of many are pre-meshed together. It has no location because the web has already been created. The "mold" & "roots" are just as real & living as that-betwixt-the-mold-&-roots, and has already been created, &c. Collapsing connections reveals a myriad uncountable, islands of that both infinitely divisible & continously non-real. There was no ecosystem to begin with — merely strands of the flow which appear to phase through each other and intersect at arbitrary points. This was true for the point of the spotted hide as well — its body, its skin, its personas in all the ways that it could see them, were both separate ideal entities & never having existed.

The spotted hide, then, notes this. Perhaps instead of emulating something that does not exist, it would need to fork from nature into its own "pseudo"ecosystem. It understands no how the things exist about it in the first place, and how many if them may be emulating as well. But, if they do have the feeling that they must emulate as well, then it is clearly not a healthy ecosystem. Rather, it is ones of subjugated pipelines — leaking, ill-fitting wingdings haphazardly ordered by that standard redirection of their own flow. To even contribute to that, to fall victim to redirection & reconnection, it only worsens tue ecosystem, despite the spotted hide's intentions. The more natural path, then, would be to accept that it was another strand and another island, and allow itself to branch & seek a new generative. To "be itself" was another director of flow. The spotted hide must cleanse itself, and absolutely. Perhaps recognizing that, it realized just how filthy it is.

- cyrylys