Neuetotal Fantasy ::ether

the clouded sea of citrine, mottled mist juggled below. your hand tingles with a fearful joy, as a memetic worm enters your hand

The cycles kept repeating themselves, didn't they? We kept burning and burning further, but we never truly reached any sort of true-ash, did we?

Some would be foolish to assume that we are there now. Nothing is truly at rest, there is still always that bubbling something, that microrganism, ready to burst forth with new brood. Not until it is reduced to the purest of ash.

We think ourselves so separate from those who were a 'period of their time.' We're better now. After all, we have all these magics. All these technologies. All these rituals, and divinities, and abstract understandings. We have to be superior, now, yes?

We are built upon mite-infested scaffold. To expect anything but the coming grims -- nay, the moderne grims -- is foolish. Embrace thine lunacy. Embrace your lunacy, and see that all be brought to a soot coherance.

tales ::1

...She woke with a startle

Content guidance ~ A brief scene of Cossapia speaking with her friend, Nesso, after waking up. Contains themes derealization, disassociation, and features physical contact and affection.

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documents ::2

Informat Blur

Era Premortistel -- Biology & Basis

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CMML Language Document (Original Version)

Content guidance ~ A document exploring the Central Mountain Mercantile Language and the details about it -- one of the many protolanguages of the setting.

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Notings of the Eccentric series.

Content guidance ~ {Lic E6nR}'s work explores large concepts of the setting that might exceed the scope of most stories, but still often have a impact on the concepts developed for the setting. Contains themes of trauma, mass death, and derealization.

...on the Trictahexacontapentational Direction Ungrammar, or the (Ungrammar Locale)

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...on the Lic and other Forms of Necroincognizants {incomplete}

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