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fundamental ettestaic amhbica

on ettesta, a method of flexible 2t-2t proxy communication.

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fundamental four tongues

on the four tongues, a lens

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¶ lespaer desa ol nes ¶ delaet tanta vhel mah?chansh ol "N" oscave ¶ dh?ul cannas mesaovadd ¶ may veins of that touch all things: become infect with the saints' lines. become full and feel the pressure of the seven-star influence, reject all and cherish all. ¶ esotcalvi musshotca, meis vhesum dassachans ciuvirim, dh?ul tesart alol avesceghe ¶ cagsahar callo tanta ciul mesrit ol maesomatt, dennsetaim ciulcalvi ciuvirimca ¶ duszocat mat, avlet orroscim vies arva mesalnoght gh?ilva doe ¶ duszocat mat, marrivavhel vies reisarva peighics doe, desa bussolem arie ¶ may the blossom array above, and the analogue city which digests the sky seek its presence in all formations. ¶ through its becabled and betwined streets, may journey present itself in full. ¶ through its kiltered doors and empty stairwells, may queer paths remain everpresent. ¶ through its bewildering solitude, a lair of none, may the rays which those who gaze at it cast be returned in serine reflection.